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About Us

We are the Scotland Cup Tournaments. Our first tournament was played in 1978 classing it as the Oldest grassroots football tournament in the UK and the third oldest in Europe. Our tournaments attract teams from throughout the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. We aim to be the best tournament we can be, to continue to provide the young players with a safe environment to play in and to promote Fair Play, Participation, Skills, Fun & Enjoyment, International Friendships, Respect and NO to Racism. #ScotlandCup2022

Founded in 1978 the Air International Scotland Cup Tournament is in its 45th year this year.


We currently have 2 tournaments; The 45th Ayr International Scotland Cup in May and the 31st Land O'Burns Scotland Cup in August.


We have hosted teams from across the world including the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.


Scotland Cup International Tournaments,
PO Box 8509,
Largs, KA30 0AZ